B&Co. is a HK based design practice that was formally established in 1992 by Branko Pahor.  The initial core focus of the Company was to provide the Local HK Industry with a Specialist Interior Design & Project Management Service. This specialized Service has allowed B&Co. to develop a high profile & successful core Client base both locally & internationally. The company has completed over 200 HK Projects as well as several International Design Projects throughout Asia, Australia & the U.S.A.  B&Co. has diversified its services over the years to include Retail, Commercial, Residential & Architectural /Resort Design Services.


By offering a personal yet totally professional service, it is our intention to produce solutions of the highest quality while adhering to specific client constraints.  Creative vision is the single most contributory factor to the success of individual projects and as such is the focus behind the Company's forward thinking executives.  Constant research on the International Level ensures B&Co. maintains a high level of knowledge with which to service the diverse needs of individual clients.  Our international experience and reputation give all clients the extra reassurance that projects are handled not only on a personal and professional level but also with a high degree of style and flair.


With over 25 years of local Hong Kong & international experience, B&Co. is confident in providing clients with successful and comprehensive professional solutions for all their project requirements, irrespective of project size and budget.